Release Breathwork September 4th

Release Breathwork September 4th

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Group breathing session you will be guided and invited to

Relax, recharge, release and let go of blockages holding you back, regain focus and direction in your life and expand your creativity.

Reconnect with one of the most powerful healing tool’s we humans can get our hands on!

Breathing consciously can help to tap into and release emotions, thoughts, trauma and even physical pain.

What is breath work?

Each and everyday we breathe to survive from the moment we take our first breath at birth to the moment we take our last.
Our breath is moved around our body by our subconscious, It does what it needs to do to keep us alive.
But there is more power to our breathing than just staying alive, we can thrive with it.
Using conscious breathing techniques you can expect inner healing, clearing of emotions, activating and charging up your creativity and connection to your potent and powerful self, shifting pain and energy that no longer serves you.

Are you ready for what’s to come?

Ready to tap into one of the most powerful tools you have access too?
Your own breath!


“Loved that you can remove the BS that you’re dealing with and release that energy all in one go” – Allie, Badass evolution retreat 2020