Crystal sleep grid

Crystal sleep grid

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Crystal sleep grid for your bedroom!

4 pieces of rose quartz for love and clearing stress and tension of the heart!
Helps to create a loving caring space and energy in your room.

Place 1 piece in each corner of your bedroom to create the outer corners of the grid.

1 piece Hematite.

Place this piece in the centre of the room, under your bed if possible. Hematite is a great grounding and protection stone, it also helps for absorbing negative energies and calming the mind.

1 piece of amethyst.

Place this piece on your bedside table.

Amethyst helps to open your crown chakra and tune you into the higher frequencies of your higher consciousness. It also brings a healing energy to your room and your dreams all whilst promoting a deeper sleep. A must have in every collection!

All crystals have been cleansed and charged ready for you to place in your room!