Badass feminine breathwork and crystal workshop September 25th

Badass feminine breathwork and crystal workshop September 25th

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Are you feeling a little stressed or emotional?
Maybe even a little disconnected from your body, do you sometimes look in mirror and not recognise the person looking back at you?

As women we are the creators! We can bring life into this world, not just human life but we can breath energy and love into many situations.
We can pivot and create something from nothing.
But this isn’t going to be a big ole feminist blurb it’s just a reminder of how fucking powerful women are.

So why a feminine based breathwork?
Well I have combined the power of breathwork and guide visualisations to bring you the badass feminine release breath session.

Our wombs, gut, our sacral chakras is where we tend to store our emotions and hold onto a lot of energy that no longer serves us.
The badass feminine breathwork will take you on a journey of reconnecting with your body and its feminine power. We will go in and begin the process of releasing and moving on the stuck energy and emotions that just don’t need to be there anymore.

Leaving you relaxed, connected, creative and ready to step into your most amazing and badass feminine power!!

The little extra bonus with the September session is a crystal workshop!
Learn more about crystals and how you can work them into your life and personally hand pick your own collection of crystals to take home!!