Private breathing session. ONLINE

Private breathing session. ONLINE

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Badass breathing session with Cass

This is a private breathing session in which you can deep dive into your being.
Allowing emotions and fears to be released and free yourself from the attachments that no longer serve you.

Yeah I know it all sounds a little crazy right but with the guidance from Cass and your own power and breath you can release and move forward from this shit!

During a breathing session you are fully oxygenating your body. 
Yes we breathe in oxygen everyday but our day today breathing is just for survival, this kind of breathing is for thriving, as well as increased oxygen it stimulates your brain.
and with that we can tap into memories and emotions.

I don't think I could ever fully explain the power of a Badass Breathing session in this description so your just going to have to trust in the process and book yourself in!

Once you have checked out Cass will contact you to book in a time and day.
Please allow upto 2 hours for the session.

All you will need is yourself, somewhere you can lay comfortably and uninterrupted and if you are going to be using your phone or computer Cass will need to be able to see you so you might need a stand or something to prop your phone up on so the camera is on you!